About Us

about the outlet

Fashion Furniture Outlet sells brand new and previously leased high-quality furniture that was used in million-dollar homes, individual rentals, luxury home staging projects, and corporate housing units. As we continue to update inventory at Fashion Furniture Rental, our furniture pieces that we deem in great condition are sent to the outlet store for new customers to enjoy for a lifetime.


limited edition furniture,

unlimited savings.

Everything that’s available in the store is only there for a limited time, meaning we never sell the same thing twice. Shop online to see what we offer, reserve furniture if something calls out to you, or check it out in the store.

our furniture is the highest quality

We guarantee that our furniture will be a lasting piece in your home. Due its manufactured specifications of being a previous rental piece, it’s rated for heavy use and is built to withstand constant rental terms, giving you the best value for your money on top of our already amazing deals. Don’t worry, all of our furniture sold in-store gets the tender love and care treatment and is professionally cleaned before they go out into the showroom. It’s time to give previous rented furniture a chance!

an eco-friendly solution

Fashion Furniture Outlet is an ambassador for green business practice. With so much used furniture flooding to the landfills each year, we’re confident that this life cycle for new to lightly used furniture is the best solution for the environment. We’re passionate about promoting high quality furniture for our customers while reducing our carbon footprint any way we can.

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